Just Right by Purina is Made for YOUR Dog


Just Right is a new brand from Purina, which dog owners help to create. This is individually prepared dog food, personalized for your dog based on breed, age, activity level, weight and also the pet owners’ individual preferences.

LISTEN, as Dr. Kurt Venator explains this innovative concept on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.

with Dr. Kurt Venator on WGN radio

with Dr. Kurt Venator on WGN radio

Also, Just Right is delivered to your dog (obviously it’s not available at pet stores).

We answer a listener question regarding puppy house-training.

We talk about an amazing initiative in New York City that allows pets to go into housing for victims of domestic abuse. This program, supported by Purina, saves human and animal lives, and it’s the right thing to do.

Better with pets….I think that’s true for nearly all pet owners, and for many of those ‘hook ups’ wouldn’t be possible without Petfinder. Go to Petfinder, watch the video and support shelter animals. Who knows maybe Purina will support Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control.