K9 Cruise HOWLween Contest


May the best dog win, as heard HERE on WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Other World, a costume contest on the Canine Cruise. Captain Alejandro Rodriguez explains what this very intense competition or is all about, and the winning dog incidentally will receive $1,000 to donate to a favorite pet rescue or animal shelter. Also, all dogs will receive healthy pumpkin flavored dog treats as well as other prizes. While costumes with dogs dressed as pups as sailors or pirates are allowed, that seems too obvious. Rodriquez explains some of the more creative costumes, so far.

Boats leave from the NE corner of Michigan Avenue at Wacker Drive,

We didn’t discuss on the air, but the Canine Cruise is something I happen to know a lot about – as I began it. Here’s a report I did with Andrea Darlas on WGN-TV a few years back.

Tickets are available HERE.