Keeping Pets Safe in the Cold; Going Batty


Keeping our pets safe in cold weather on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. For example, do dogs require a winter coat? If so, what types of dogs? Does the age of the dog matter? Does breed or mix matter? I talk with Dr. Susan Ferraro, past president of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association.

Listen to our conversation HERE.

If dogs are running and exercising they may not necessarily need that sweater or coat.

She also explains that she’s a fan of pet-friendly salt, and how to protect those paws.

Dr. Ferraro describes what frostbite in dogs looks like, and what – if anything – to do about; and also what not to do about it. We also talk about telehealth, and it’s use regarding identifying issues, such as frostbite.

Bats and the Bond: We Need Those Bats

Dr. Patrick Flynn, technical advisor for Central Florida for Zoetis and member of the Board of Directors Human Animal Bond Association talks about how bats may have a bad rap, but we really need them. They are incredibly beneficial, from pollination to insect control to helping us learn about the coronaviruses. Dr. Flynn rattles off all sorts of facts about bats.  We can even thank bats, he says, for tequila.

Steve Dale’s Resolutions for Pets for 2021

I offer my resolutions for pets for 2021.

Purina Pro Plan LiveClear, a cat food which manages to negate the protein people are allergic to when they sneeze and wheeze around cats. Talking about this feline lifesaver (more cats to be adopted and fewer given up to shelters when allergies aren’t an issue) is at the top of my resolution list. Also, Fear Free, and the difference this initiative is making to pay attention to the emotional health and well-being of our companion animals. Also, I will discuss in 2021 the benefits of using telehealth.