Killing Lion in Africa or Bobcat in the U.S.: What's the Difference?


Cecil was shot and killed in Zimbabwe. It’s been in this news, that this celebrity lion was shot by a dentist from Minnesota. Cecil was a major tourist draw at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

The 13-year-old lion, recognizable by the black streaks in his mane, suffered a slow death, according to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force.

The hunters lured him out of the sanctuary of the park with a dead animal on top of a vehicle, the conservation group said.

Walter J. Palmer, officials said, then shot the lion with a crossbow, a method for which he is known. But Cecil survived another 40 hours until the hunters tracked him down and shot him with a gun.

Most Americans (even hunting advocates are outraged, or say they are). The hunter even offered an apology (which I personally don’t understand – I mean he may not have known he was hunting a celebrity lion who would garner this attention, but he did know he was hunting a lion).

I want to know how this is any different than Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signing a bill which will allow of shooting bobcat. We don’t have lion in Illinois. This is the beautiful cat which nature has given this state. Instead of protecting, we kill. What does that say about us?

Perhaps, because I’ve been lucky enough to see lion (and many other animals) myself in Africa, I think shooting, even with a crossbow, is cowardice.

The defense is that as in America, killing animals pays for their protection. This is not protection then is it? It’s like paying to  to tear down a wall, and the money goes to build a new one. How about protecting the wall form being torn down in the first place. Of course, lions and other wildlife – bobcat included – are living things. They should be cherished….and as ecotourism continues to build, there’s a more viable manner which to support wildlife protection and money to kill animals going to save animals. That model has never made sense to me.

I like a company called Terra Incognita Ecotours, but there are many such companies.

Walter J. Palmer reportedly paid $50,000 for the privilege of killing an animal. So, this is what all those clients with bad teeth paid for? I’m not sure what crime he can be charged for in America. Zimbabwe officials at least say they are looking for him.