Lap of Love: Gentle Ending, Conversation with An Expert


Listen HERE to the WGN Radio Petcast with Dr. Mary Gardner, co-founder of Lap of Love .  Today the notion of euthanizing at home or at a dog’s favorite place (and she offers examples of what some of those favorite places have been), or providing hospice is something pet parents are seeking.

Lap of Love is a network of over 300 veterinarians around the country with the goal of empowering every owner to care for their geriatric pets, including at-home euthanasia. What she says about the right time or for that matter where to euthanize may be surprising.

Dr. Gardner speaks around the world about end of life issues. Obviously, end of life is very sad and sometimes traumatic – but it can also be beautiful.

She offers tips about how family members can best deal with end of life issues.

Can there be “blue zones” for pets….places where like there are for people where pets live longest (and with an excellent quality of life). What are some secrets to support longer lifespans for pets?  One secret- among several which she explains – is to support movement, even for cats.

Dr. Gardner explains that nearly half of all pets are seniors, more geriatric pets than ever, and to answer questions about their needs she’s authored old pet bibles, Everything that you need to knowIt’s Never Long Enough: A Practical Guide to Caring for Your Geriatric Dog and Nine Lives Are Not Enough: A Practical Guide to Care for Your Geriatric Cat.