Laying an Egg with Madonna and John Landecker; Dogs with Odd Jobs


It’s been a long time since I’ve hung out on the radio with the one and only Radio Hall of Famer John Landecker. Listen HERE as we both reminisce about how back at WLS-AM (I was in my early 20’s at the time)  how I laid an egg, or John did as I covered a Madonna concert on his show. This is one of the craziest radio stories EVER.

John Landecker

Listen as we talked about how John grew up with a Guide dog who helped his father and about how intense their relationship was. And I tell the story behind the story about how the Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation came into being.

Since I was on WGN Radio on Labor Day, thought I’d talk about unusual jobs dogs can do – from dogs trained to sniff out killer whale poop (Mr. Landecker was fascinated by this whole new meaning to scat) or to find a flightless endangered new Zealand Parrot called a Kea.

Also, Dr. Cynthia Otto at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Working Dog Center is training dogs to sniff for COVID-19, and also working with Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness to successfully train dogs to identify ovarian cancer.