Leading Doctor on WGN Radio Talks COVID-19, Omicron and the Next Pandemic


Dr. David Rubin

For the latest on Omicron and what we know, listen HERE to my recent conversation on WGN Radio Dr. David Rubin, section Chief of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at University of Chicago Medicine, to take a deeper look at where things currently stand with COVID-19 and the various mutations we have seen thus far. Dr. Rubin explains the importance of looking at the “bigger picture” and discusses where we went wrong and what we did right as a nation regarding the pandemic.

Dr. Rubin explains how coronaviruses mutate, and agrees Omicron may have “humanized?” True people may not get as sick as a result of an Omicron infection, particularly if people are vaccinated and boosted. However, being vaccinated has lots of other benefits aside from protecting yourself, including protecting others you know, others you may not know in society and if and when enough are vaccinated we could celebrate fewer mutations. This isn’t only a U.S. issue, it’s one that is worldwide. We also discuss how people are getting their colonoscopies or breast exams or even elective surgeries. What’s more, due to job burnout the medical community is seeing far too many drop out of the profession.

So, what is herd immunity or community immunity? And what does it mean? The term itself has its beginnings in veterinary medicine, which Dr. Rubin says, “of course.” He explains how Omicron, the vaccines and therapies and potential therapies will maybe get us there.

Dr. Rubin explains what forcing wildlife out of their habitat actually impact what will likely be a future pandemic.

At the top of Dr. Rubin’s list regarding the next pandemic – STOP politicizing medical issues and public health, and restore faith in science.  Dr.Rubin notes we exposed weaknesses in our medical response system, and we ignored warnings.

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