Legendary Dog Show Announcer David Frei on the National Dog Show


Whiskey the Whippet won last year’s show

If there is a dog show on TV worth watching, the voice describing the dog is David Frei heard here on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show.

Of course, on Thanksgiving Day, it’s the National Dog Show presented by Purina and on NBC-TV at noon for the 21st year.

And the ratings are better than 21 years ago, that’s amazing because today there’s such more competition.

Speaking of competition, sadly Frei isn’t telling us in advance who will win the show.

How does Frei feel when his own favorite breeds aren’t honored by the judges.

Frei talks about how watching a dog show is so very refreshing. And he explains what therapy dogs do. And also in a way, he says, all our dogs for all of us are therapy dogs. And so many studies demonstrate why dogs are so incredibly beneficial.