Leptospirosis 101


Dr. Natalie Marks has become the Queen of Leptospirosis – she loves to talk about it. And unfortunately, there’s more to talk about as lepto is on the rise. Here on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show she explains what lepto is, how dogs most often get it – and most important, how leptospirosis can be avoided.

And she explains how it’s possible that people can potentially get this disease from their dogs.

Dr. Marks says that leptospirosis is a disease that occurs throughout the U.S. Once thought to occur mostly in rural areas, it likely happens today even more often in cities (in part, thanks to city rats, as up to 90 percent of rats shed lepto).

She also shares information on a current leptospirosis vaccine called EDGE, which has a lower volume, so it can be delivered faster.  A quicker, smaller dose means a more comfortable vaccine experience for our dogs.