Leptospirosis and Rats and Dogs; The Art of Raising a Kitten


Dr. Natalie Marks

Listen HERE to Steve Dale’s PetWorld, WGN Radio.as yet again, Chicago is the rattiest city in the U.S.

Dr. Natalie Marks explains why this matters if you have a dog, and even should matter to us – because rats are a super spreader of leptospirosis. Chicago may be the “rat city,” but to some degree so are all major cities in the U.S. All sorts of other critters. from raccoons to coyotes to mice to unvaccinated dogs also spread lepto. Dr. Marks says, “This absolutely can be a fatal disease to your dog.” So, you think – of course – my dog doesn’t interact directly with rats. But that’s not how lepto is spread as Dr. Marks explains. The good news is that the core of prevention is vaccination that works.

Otherwise, “Avoidance of this disease is newly impossible,” Dr. Marks says. For example, a dog can easily get lepto just walking on the grass. Who knew if an infected animal recently – from squirrel to rat – recently urinated there.

Dr. Marks explains vaccination not only protects your dog but also because vaccination limits shedding or spreading, vaccination helps to protect the community of dogs.

Also, leptospirosis is a particular risk because people can get this disease from dogs, as Dr. Marks explains.

The Art of Raising a Kitten

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It’s hard to even say the word “kitten” and not to smile. Longtime cat writer Sally Bahner, author of The Art of Raising A Kitten  joins the show.

Bahner explains what all kittens need when entering a home, with a focus on litter boxes, where to put them, how many you need and what kind you need and well as how to teach kitties to scratch in all the right places.

As for declaw, Bahner puts it simple, “You don’t.”

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Human Animal Bond

If you happen to be a human, you can’t help but have the human-animal bond.