Leptospirosis Problem Is Worsening; the Entire Family May Be At Risk


On HouseSmarts TV I talk about the increasing zoonotic threat of leptospirosis with Dr. Natalie Marks. We’ve talked about leptospirosis before, but it seems to be worsening.

City rats, weather and who knows what other contributing factors. But it’s really an increasingly serious problem in major metro areas, according at least one study. Of course, vaccination offers protection.  Talk to your veterinarian or visit stoplepto.com.

Dr. Marks vaccinates our dog, Ethel, and she doesn’t even know it happened. Watch, she’s too busy eating little pieces of hot dog to notice anything. Dr. Marks is a certified Fear Free veterinarian, and the clinic, Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago is certified as Fear Free. We discuss why that makes a difference to pets, and their people.

Learn more HERE about Fear Free.