Life for People and Pets in Puerto Rico Today (the Truth)


I begin this week’s Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, remembering longtime friend of the show, Skip Haynes of Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah. I recall the difference Skip made for companion animals, and how he once flew back to Chicago to support an event called Dog Day on the Green. Much more on Skip and a “Steve Dale version” of the song “Lake Shore Drive.”



Terrie Hayward and friend in Puerto Rico

I speak with certified dog behavior consultant/dog trainer Terrie Hayward, who lives in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

I was criticized by a handful of people for shining a light on politics during this interview. What do you think? I prefer to look at it this way, “I shined a light on the embarrassing truth.” As Terrie, who lives there, confirms: medications, common antibiotics, and insulin—just a few examples—aren’t available. And as a result, people are dying. How can this fact be acceptable in America? What’s political about that? I’d like to know!

In some surprising ways, for pets, Hayward says the hurricane may be a reset in some ways. And we talk about how that may be, as I also talk with Terrie about that in a print story.

with Patti Vasquez WGN radio personality, WGN Radio assistant program director Stephanie Menendez and Jasmine Cooper

One more note: After several years as my wonderful, sweet and efficient producer, Jasmine Cooper will now be producing Bill and Wendy on WGN Radio, so she’s not going far. But I’ll sure miss her Sunday morning smile (when the show is aired live).