Lincoln State Cat Show


Dayle Marsh and Hazel

It’s the most important weeked of the year, February 26 and 27, the 60th Annual Lincoln State Cat Show and Feline Expo at Kane County Fairgrounds, Helen Robinson Hall (525 S Randall Rd), St. Charles, IL presented by the Lincoln State Cat Club,

Listen HERE to a conversation with Dayle Marsh, president of the Lincoln State Cat Club and a legend in the cat world on WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World.

We actually begin by reminiscing about Dayle’s longtime friendship with Betty White as they were both Trustees for many years at the Morris Animal Foundation.

If you’ve never been to a cat show, Marsh explain what they’re all about.  She discussed what purebred or pedigreed cats are all about.

Steve Dale speaks at 1pm at the Lincoln State Cat Show Education Ring Saturday (Feb. 26) about the EveryCat Health Foundation (non-profit that supports funding for cat health and behavior studies), and Fear Free (an initiative to consider the emotional well-being of companion animals).