Look What My Dog Retrieved


Teaching a dog to fetch helps to bond the pup with the person tossing the ball or the stick. And many dogs do this naturally, no teaching involved.

Manuel Barcia, in Leeds in the UK was teaching his 15-month-old Golden Retriever to fetch, and like many Golden’s Ahsoka was pretty much obsessed with the notion. Ahoska was expert at finding sticks, some giant enough to call them entire branches.

One day at a park they typically go to Ahoska ran off and returned with something else in her mouth – a sex toy (a large penis-shaped vibrator for those who need to know specifics).

While the dog was adept at dropping whatever sticks she retrieved, the sex toy apparently was of higher value and uncharacteristically, Ahsoka refused to “drop it.”

Barcia tried to pry the sex toy loose – but two issues became problematic. For starters, he didn’t really want to touch the sex toy, and onlookers began to watch this strange interaction.

Finally, the dog relinquished ownership and did drop the toy at which point, Barcia went off quickly with his dog looking for a place to wash his hands as quickly as possible.