Lost and Found with a Chimpanzee


Moral to this story: If you ever lose a chimpanzee and it begins to rain, definitely offer the primate a raincoat. A chimpanzee on was on the lamb from the Kharkiv Zoo in Ukraine.

Chichi, a 10-year old chimp escaped the zoo and made her way to a park at the City’s Center Square. For two hours Chichi took a self-guided tour. When his keeper discovered the runaway, and caught up with her, Chichi wasn’t all too cooperative. But when it began to rain the promise of a raincoat and a bicycle to transport her back swayed her.

How the animal escaped remained unclear.

Several videos of the efforts to corral Chichi were shared widely on social media, offering a Ukrainian city that has faced unrelenting bombardment by Russian forces a rare moment of levity.