Lyme Disease Epidemic, Beware of the Bug


Beware of the Bug! Ticks and tick disease is an epidemic in America. I’ve been talking a lot about this lately, and so are many veterinarians, including Dr. Ernie Ward. Human medicine seems to be playing catch-up. Just last summer, the CDC said there turns out to be 10 times more Lyme than previously suspected.

You can do more to protect your dog against Lyme than you can yourself:

– Environmental control (cut away at shrubs and bushes, and limit wildlife). The problem is that people don’t want to do this, they like shrubs and Bambi visiting the yard. And it’s ok – there are other steps you can take.

– Check your dog for ticks after each time outside (not perfect, since dogs have so much hair – un-engorged ticks, in particular, can easily hide)

– Testing to determine if your dog has previously been exposed to tick disease (A simple blood test is sensitive for Lyme and two other tick diseases, as well as heartworm, which is spread by mosquitoes). I believe this test should now be routine!

– Use an appropriate preventative (as suggested by your veterinarian based on where you live, and your pets’ lifestyles). The best of the products may not be perfect, but are close – and are  your best first-line defense.

– Lyme vaccine in some parts of the country.

Great resource to learn more about those bugs to beware of.