Lyme Disease on the Rise in Pittsburgh


We know for sure that if Lyme disease is occurring more often in dogs, it will appear far more often in people. Far more often because at least a significant percentage of dogs are protected from Lyme with products and/or a vaccine. There is no such protection for people.

According to printed reports, around Pittsburgh, more Lyme is being diagnosed in dogs. That’s scary, because it’s not even spring yet. And Lyme is actually most common in dogs in the fall, but it does often occur in spring and summer.

Ticks now occur about everywhere in the U.S., including the most well known: the deer tick or black-legged tick, which causes Lyme (and often co-infects people and dogs with other organisms). Because of this, tick diseases are expanding their range.

Typically, dogs and people are susceptible to the same tick diseases.

Want to see where tick disease is? Check out this cool tool from IDEXX.

Pet expert Steve Dale writes about increased tick disease, specifically Lyme around Pittsburgh