Lyme Tour Message: We Can Prevent Lyme in Dogs


Lyme in dogs e is rampant, and spreading. Certainly, it continues to be a huge issue in New England, but also across the Northeast, Southern States (particularly the Southeast) and big-time in the Midwest, upper and lower Midwest, and moving west.  Tick disease in general is on the move. And dogs infected with Lyme will often be co-infected with another tick disease or two as well. Yuck!

These images are from the  Help Prevent Canine Lyme Disease Tour. 

Next stop on the tour is May 23 at the Dog Bowl in Frankenmuth, MI. from 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. Here is how the Dog Bowl is described:

A high energy event that showcases dogs running, jumping, diving, and retrieving! Located in Frankenmuth River Place Shops. Lots of great events: Best Costume Contest, 50 yard Doggie Fun Run, Disc Dog Competitions, Wiener Dog Races, Pet Retail Vendors, Dog Bowl King and Queen, Dog Breeds of the World Show, Annual Canine Cruise of the Bavarian Belle River Boat, DockDogs Competition and Hot Air Balloons.

Listen HERE to Dr. Carrie White on tick disease on Steve Dale’s Pet World.

Here’s my national newspaper story about tick disease, pointing out that in dogs it can be prevented.