Keep Canines Calm at an Animal Shelter on July 4


Here are some fireworks facts: Many pets are frightened, and even terrified. And many pets are lost as a result. They’re kept outside in the yard, panic and run off. Some pets are tethered to ropes or chains and even choke to death.

As a result, shelter intake of lost pets increases around the country.

Of course, pets in the shelter likely can hear fireworks also. Maricopa County animal shelters have developed a novel solution, as they are seeking volunteers to help calm canines.

For the second year in a row, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control will be hosting the Calming the Canines event on July 4.  Last year, proved a success, as shattered nerves were soothed by humans, even if all are strangers.

Spokesman Jose Santiago said volunteers will help the dogs sleep better and calm their nerves throughout the night of fireworks. Volunteers can read to pets, sing to them – if they desire – or just hang out. The mere  presence of humans appears to help.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring something comfortable to sit on and show up any time from 8 to 11 p.m. Learn more here. Hopefully, other shelters will soon pick up on this idea.

Keep your pets safe on July 4. And there are things you can do, even now, to help calm panicked pets.