Maxx, An American Humane Hero Dog


Heroes have many looks, many sizes, and can be many species….still arguably if you add up all the points for heroes – canines likely a nose ahead of people place first. Dogs tend to be selfless. That is why the American Humane Association initiated the Hero Dog Awards in 2011.

Maxx, a German Shepherd dog,  is a hero. At first he merely seems smart. He can unlatch a car door handle, let himself into the police car to sit alongside his partner of more than seven years, Sgt. John Combs of the Wauconda, IL Police Department. .

Although the 9-year-old dog — a three-time first-place Canine Olympics winner — is famous for his tricks, like opening car door handles, he does much more. He can even climb ladders.

This year, Maxx is a candidate for the American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards in the category of Law Enforcement. Of hundreds of candidates Maxx sniffed ahead of he others for, well….his sniffer….for sniffing out narcotics, and also finding both bad guys and lost children. Maxx has even played lost and found. What’s he’s found is stolen money. His work is with Wauconda, as well as other Northern Illinois agencies.

In Wauconda, Maxx has become a local celebrity. That’s as it should be.

The 2012 Hero Dog Award winner will be chosen by the public, who can vote through the website until June 30. Since April, more than 156,800 votes have been cast.THe winners in each of the cateogies will travel to Los Angeles for gala Hollywood Red Carpet show which will be broadcast by the Hallmark Channel.