Mayor Attacked


Here’s a brutal political story. It involves the tragic act of violence – and attack on Talkeenta, Alaska Mayor Stubbs. The Mayor, who is now a senior citizen, serving for 16 years, was brutally mauled.

There’s a lesson here – never let an old Mayor out at night, and alone….

Mayor Stubbs rise to power in this sleepy Alaska town happened very quickly, and by a surprisingly overwhelming vote. The towns-folk loved their Mayor. While in office, Mayor Stubbs has never been criticized, for anything! How many Mayors can you say that about?

So, what kind of dog could be responsible for such a brazen attack. No one knows – except that it was – well, a dog. And Mayor Stubbs is a cat, a yellow tabby to be exact.

The position of Mayor is considered by some in the town to be mostly ceremonial – still it’s been loused up by people, so the cat without the tail – Mayor Stubbs was voted in time and time again.

In the attack, the Mayor suffered a punctured lung, a fractured sternum. and 5-inch gash on his side.

Veterinarians have said the Mayor  was breathing on his own for the first time since the weekend attack.

“It’s a shame,” said a local resident. “He’s the mayor, it’s not a joke. I know it’s ridiculous, but the town was finally being run really well.”