MedVet Chicago is Like a Mayo Clinic for Pets


After Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN radio begins with a funny Schwanee song (for news rock star Dave Schwanee).

Listen HERE on WGN as MedVet Chicago Medical Director Dr. Aaron Jackson talks about specialty medicine and answers a flurry of text messages from listeners.

Pet expert Steve Dale on WGN radio with Dr. Aaron Jackson of MedVet ChicagoWhat’s cool about MedVet? There, more than one expert can assess a pet to determine the problem. Rather than driving from place to place (like the typical model for human health care), it’s much more efficient to get all your pet’s health care needs in one location. There’s the best technology here, often identical to what you would find in a human hospital, with expertise that matches any human hospital. I use our own dog Ethel as an example.

Following Ethel’s knee surgery, across the street she began rehab, just as a human patient would.

Perhaps most noteworthy: When it comes to specialties, MedVet has a renowned cancer center. And, pets get cancer all too frequently.

Among the text questions/comments, compliments to Dr. Jackson, questions about Leptospirosis, and a dog who has gastrointestinal issues.

We also talk about emergency medicine, which is a huge part of what MedVet does—they’re open 24/7.

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