Meet American Humane Association's Robin Ganzert


Listen to a one-hour with Robin Ganzert, PhD on my WLS-AM Podcast –  the new President and CEO of the American Humane Association. This is Robin first wide-ranging interview about her goals and the mission of the American Humane Association.

I am standing with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, and Dr. Robyn Barbiers of the Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago, Robin Ganzert speaks about adopting dogs

The American Humane Association is about families, including both children and companion animals. Robin says her mission includes creating humane communities, where neighbors really talk to one another. “We represent humane causes – without extremest philosophies,” Robin tells me

It seems that in an effort – they say, to protect farm animals – some organizations will be forcing U.S. farmers out of business. Fact is, according to scientists, their ideas are not necessarily in the best welfare of animals, and certainly not for farmers. If too many of our farmers are forced to go away, Robin and I spoke about how that would impact food safety which we take for granted, food supply for other countries, and our pocket books.

We talked about American Humane Association’s companion animal programs, how the American Humane Association’s Red Star Emergency Mobile Pet Hospital (a giant trailer) rescues animals in emergencies – such as hurricanes and floods; and how American Humane works with the film and entertainment industry to protect animals ‘No Animals Were Harmed’ at the end of movies – and what those four words really mean.