Meow Meet Up Chicago


Meow Meet Up is a Cat Convention and feline festival, coming to Chicago July 20-21 at the Rosemont Stephens Convention Center. I speak HERE on my WGN radio show with Lauren Mieli, publisher of the CATNIP TIMES. 

with Lauren Mieli at WGN Radio

We actually begin our conversation with what’s happening in New York state, soon to be the first state set to ban declaw.  Mieli talks about how she agrees that with basic behavior modification and the use of a pheromone product call Feliscratch, you CAN direct your cats to appropriate scratching posts. Mieli tells the story of how this worked for her own cats.

Among the speakers and topics will be discussion on Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return with Jenny Schlueter of Chicago Animal Care and control, and author of “Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats,” Dr. Anne Beall.

There will kitty yoga, paint your cat’s portrait, and we explain (or try to) what kitty BINGO is.

I am speaking July 21 on these topics: “Fear Free: Be That Change,” and “Brain Dead Fat Cats,” and I explain what these two talks are about. And the background and explanation for how Fear Free is saving cat lives, and how most cats likely feel about veterinary visits.

Adoptions with Almost Home Foundation will happen – and if you adopt, you receive a refunded general admission. . . and much more is going on, all for cat lovers.

Here’s a REAL SCOOP for the Meow Meet Up: Use the Discount Code SteveDale (as one word) or WGN and you will receive $5 off admission.