Merrick PetCare Petcast: EveryCat Health Foundation Helps All Cats


Care about cats? The Winn Feline Foundation, now the EveryCat Health Foundation is the only non-profit on the planet that exists solely to fund cat health studies, celebrating over 50 years of wellness for cats. Listen HERE to guests on this special Merrick Pet Care Petcast: Vickie Fisher, president of the Board of Directors at EveryCat and Past President International Cat Association as well as EveryCat Executive Director Jackie Ott Jaakola.

Together they discuss HERE how if you have a cat, every day that cat benefits from work this organization has funded. EveryCat Health Foundation helped to steer a far better understanding of diabetes in cats; support studies for an appetite stimulant (Mirataz);and even demystify feline infectious peritonitis which as a result is now no longer considered fatal and has changed to treatable.  This is newsworthy because FIP is caused by the feline corona virus (not the human SARS corona virus-2 now impacting people around the world), but as a result a of this non profit funding FIP studies, a drug called Remdesivir was researched to help people suffering from COVID-19. The list of studies and impact made goes on forever, ranging from describing feline leukemia to understanding how infectious disease spread in shelter c cats.


I too am involved, as I am Secretary of the Board of Directors and explain how I created a fund called the Ricky Fund for better understanding and ultimately treating heart disease in cats, and why that is important to all cats, and how we are making progress.

If you have a favorite veterinarian or veterinary technician, you can offer a $100 in his or her name and that person receives a plaque and recognition on the EveryCat website, a nice holiday too.

EveryCat Health Foundation also discusses education opportunities for professionals as well as cat lovers via free webinars.

You can also sign up for a free newsletter and keep tabs on cat health studies and more.

If there is a best time of year to give – this is it, and all thanks to those cat lovers at Merrick Pet Care.