Merry Christmas Michael Vick


The Philadelphia Eagles announced that teammates voted convicted dogfighter Michael Vick with this year’s Ed Block Courage Award, announced December 23. The Ed Block Courage Award is presented annually to an Eagles player who exemplifies commitment to the principals of sportsmanship and courage.

According to press reports Vick’s response, “I’ve had a lot to overcome, more than probably one single individual can bear.”

2009 and late 2008 was quite the year for Vick (click continue reading):

– NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Michael Vick could play in the
NFL, if a team picks him and if he promises to work hard to educate the
community about dog fighting, and also shows his remorse.
– The Philadelphia Eagles pick up Vick. The Eagles stand up for Vick
against local and national outrage. Personally, I’m not outraged,
suggesting Michael Vick has a rare opportunity to REALLY make a difference.
Vick and Wayne Pacelle, president CEO of the Humane Society of the
United States, make a few well orchestrated appearances
. Who knows….

Maybe Vick has quietly gone into neighborhoods in Philadelphia to spread brotherly love without fanfare.
– Michael Vick appears on “60 Minutes” and expresses his remorse.
– Michael Vick’s jersey is a hot seller, though it is clearly not for
his appearances on-the-field. After all, the Star in Atlanta plays
second fiddle here to Eagles star QB Donovan McNabb.
Michael Vick gets his own TV show