Michael Vick Wants a Dog, No Kidding


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told NBC and the Grio.com, he wants a dog.

In the interview, it’s noted how often Vick speaks to young people to warn them about dog fighting.

The reporter suggested Vick was actually mandated by the court to make these community
appearances, which Vick surprisingly denies. Also, community service is what NFL
Commissioner Roger Goodell had suggested. I am not personally friends with
Vick, so I have no way to know if he would also make these appearances
if it wasn’t for him being told to do so. 

Shortly after his release from prison Vick teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States, who by all accounts, remain solidly in Vick’s corner The few appearance he made with the HSUS were well orchestrated media events. Tracking the best I can (via the Internet), it seems these Vick forays into the community to talk about dogfighting are actually rare events. Certainly, it seems reaching into targeted communities would be beneficial, and Vick could instantly appear anywhere from Jay Leno to “The Today Show,” if he wanted to publicly become an ‘anti dogfighting spokesperson.’ Thus far, he has not done so. 

When the Eagles signed Vick, it was instantly clear at least many still revered him, as his jersey (despite protests by some) became a top seller. And now that he’s a starting QB on a winning team and is having a great season, he’s more popular than ever. Here’s what his influence might have done –  dogfighting in the City of Brotherly Love has actually increased substantially since Vick joined the team. I’m not necessarily blaming Vick, just pointing this out.

So, Goodell’s now in the media saying he is proud of Vick, and the way he’s handled himself. And now Vick is (who had been reticent to do interviews) is suddenly, though carefully, speaking with reporters.

Why now? Coincidence? Well, I believe, it’s a necessity as the Eagles move forward toward the playoffs, and perhaps even a Super Bowl game. And since he’s hot at passing the ball, perhaps his handlers feel this is the perfect time to seek sponsorships, and in order to do that – he must come off as a sweet guy and changed man, resurrecting his image. He says he’s a new Michael Vick. Maybe he is. Do you buy it? Would you let Michael Vick adopt a dog?