Molly the Fire Safety Dog on WGN Radio


A visit with Molly the Fire Safety Dog on Steve Dale’s Pet World , WGN Radio with Dayna Hilton of Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.  

Listen HERE to Dayna.

Hilton logs over 25,000 miles criss crossing the country, usually talking with school children to convey messages regarding fire safety. Molly is the Smokey the Bear of our time.

with Molly the Fire Safety Dog and her new (free) coloring book (mostly for kids)

That doesn’t count the safety messages Molly (somehow) conveys via Skype with 24 countries, and 44 U.S. states. And if you’re interested in participating contact Hilton.

Hilton offers advice on what all families should consider regarding fire safety, and also emergency preparedness in general. She says in only two to three minutes, a home can be engulfed. The problem is that most families think, ‘this will never happen to me.’ But it happens to someone.

I ask Hilton a very challenging question involving smoke alarms – why does the battery only run out at 3 a.m. And why type of battery is best?