Montrose Dog Beach Is the Best! Vote!


I will be at a fundraiser for Barb’s Precious Pets. Listen here as I speak with newsman Dave Schwany about that, and also about his longtime friendship with Noodles the Wonder Dog.

Listen to the WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World Podcast also talk about why you should cast your ballot in favor of Montrose Dog Beach.

It's all about the beach (photo by Josh Feeney)

It’s all about the beach (photo by Josh Feeney)

Indeed, MonDog, or Montrose Dog Beach, Board member Paul Fehrenbacher explains that USA Today is conducting a top-10 poll, and in the category of Dog Beach, Chicago is near the top in the voting, and with your help could win! To vote, go here.

Paul Fehrenbacher with pt Steve Dale on Montrose Dog Beach, on WGN Radio

Paul Fehrenbacher with pet expert Steve Dale on Montrose Dog Beach, on WGN Radio

Voting is free, and easy…and you can vote here for Chicago on multiple devices.

Paul and I discuss the many attributes of Montrose Dog Beach, and the water there, we explain, has benefited from the area being a dog beach.

I talk about how the dog beach is in James Cappleman’s 46th ward, a supporter of promoting the best of Chicago–a campaign called #ChicagoProud. Whenever you see or note something really good happening, city wide, in your ward, on your block, or in your own home, let’s talk about it, take a picture for social, and get good news out there about this great city. So when you post in social media–whether it’s your kid getting an A on a test or a dog beach winning a national contest, be sure to use  #ChicagoProud.