Montrose Dog Beach May Be Top Dog Beach


Chicago has the best darn dog beach, Montrose Dog Beach (also known as Mondog).  USA Today is holding a contest for the Best Dog Beach in America – VOTE Chicago! 

(photo by Josh Feeney)

(photo by Josh Feeney)

Truly the beach is really large, about as large as the beach for the two-legged’s next door. It has lots of places where there are sand bars, perfect for small dogs…and other places where the pro’s, the Labrador’s and Newfoundland’s can do the doggy paddle to their hearts content.

On hot days, the dog beach is the perfect place for Chicago canines to cool off….and mostly the dogs do get along fine.Pet expert Steve Dale endorse Montrose dog beach as the top dog beach in America

Some people without dogs check it out just to watch the dogs do what dogs do. I believe it’s impossible to go to Montrose Dog Beach and not smile. And the City view is terrific too!

So vote Chicago Montrose Dog Beach, and make us all #chicagoproud.

Vote like a real Chicagoan, vote early and often.