More Cities Continue to Ban Dog and Cat Sales at Pet Stores


Who would have imagined – today at least 400 cities, several counties and the entire states of California, Illinois Maryland, Maine and Washington have banned sales of dogs and cats (and sometimes also rabbits) at pet stores. New York state is poised to ban the sale of cats, dogs and rabbits at pet stores next year. A long-debated bill prohibiting the sale of these animals at pet shops in the state passed the state Legislature earlier this year, and it’s currently awaiting a signature from Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Gov. Hochul is under immense pressure not to sign the bill, as one of the most ardent opponents of those who seek to shut down pet store sales of dogs and cats is the American Kennel (AKC) club, based in New York City. In this piece, he AKC defends their position. The fact is that no responsible breeder would ever sell to a pet store. If the AKC’s mission is to support responsible breeders, it’s hard to make sense of their adamant position which they’ve spent more than a considerable amount of resources supporting,  Wrong as it is, at least one might understand the pet store industry support

In 2023 additional states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and others are looking at the prospect of banning sales of cats/dogs at pet stores. Afterall, those pet store dogs are from large commercial facilities, often puppy mills, which many happen to be located in Pennsylvania. So, far the issue hasn’t been Democratic or Republican – it’s been humane.

Meanwhile, the cities which continue to limit pet store sales continues to stack up.

In September: Radcliff, KY abd Pasadena, TX banned pet store sales of dogs and cats.

In October: Clifton and Tenaly, NJ, Allentown and Alleboro, PA, , LaCrosse and Sun Prairie, WI, Attleboro, MA and New Braunfels, TX were added to the list.

Best Friends Animal Society keeps score and the entire list is found here.