More Than the Pet Show This Weekend, WGN Radio


I began doing radio in high school….and long before I was a pet guy, i was a radio guy…Worked at several Chicago area stations playing everything from Olivia Newton-John, to the Bee Gees to Bruce Springsteen to hosting general talk shows. It’s been YEARS since WGN has given me a shout out to have fun as a fill-in host. I know, a nocturnal hour, 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. Sunday August 9 (filling in for David Plier). Please call all the insomniacs in your life. Here’s what I plan to do on 720AM, or listen online HERE.

2:05 AM – Ovarian Cancer is a silent cancer in so many ways. It’s a silent killer, with symptoms that aren’t apparently – because they too are often silent – until it is too late. Cancer isn’t your fun radio topic – but I feel we need to talk about these things, rather than hide them. And Ovarian Cancer, in particular, gets hidden…Well no more thanks to the non profit Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) organization. Board member Marcy Twarak, administrator at Corboy & Demetrio, who is a breast cancer survivor and an organizer of their upcoming Nw dog walk fundraiser Ron Butera join me in-studio.

3:05AM – Comedienne Caryn Bark is a long-time friend who will tickle your funny bone. And she will explain where that hard to find bone is located. After all, her husband is a podiatrist, so she is an expert at anatomy. Speaking of which, what is ‘house coat.’ She knows!

3:35 AM – From the the dentist in Minnesota illegally killing an African lion named Cecil to around the same time Illinois lawmakers approving hunting bobcat in Illinois – I think it’s all one in the same. Even legally killing a lion (Donald Trumps son’s have done this) we’re appalled at here. How is that different than hunting Bobcat? I think it’s the same. I want to hear what you think 312-981-7200, call in or text.

4:10: I will talk about the video I just recorded about how dogs, from their perspective, must feel trapped in a hot car – and how hot cars do get.

4:20 AM  Chicago character actor Chuck Stransky – you may not know his name, but you go to the theater or watch TV or go to the movies, you may recognize his face, from films like “Homicide” or the “Spanish Prisoner,” or on TV in several episodes of “All My Children,” and even on the classic “Newhart.”

Mostly, though he is known for his Chicago stage work, even dating back to the old St. Nicholas Theater. He and others have begun a new acting company Chicago Actor’s Theater, where he is the artistic director. Mr. Stransky says “At my age going on the radio at 4:20 is easy – it’s when I’d have to get up and pee anyway.”

4:45 AM: This day in history with news journalist extraordinaire Dave Schwan.

6:35: On Steve Dales Pet World, I’m back (after a brief nap) and will further discuss shooting wildlife the way wildlife should be shot – with a camera! Jed Caddick is the President Terra Incognita Ecotours, and will talk about how ecotourism being  a more viable alternative if we seriously want to keep elephant, rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, jaguar, cheetah and a long list of other species on the planet for us to enjoy, our grandchildren to see and moreover for us to live….as we are all interconnected in ways not yet even fully understood.