Mountain Gorilla Babies


Gorilla, babies everywhere….I’ve beginning a new feature on my blog, that’s  to periodically offer short videos which are different from those found on my Steve Dale professional pet YouTube page. This new YouTube page will feature wildlife videos like this one I took in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda about two years ago. If it looks like we were really close to this mountain gorilla family, it is because we were close – less than 10 feet away. More gorilla videos, and personal videos to come, including funny videos of our pets.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these various videos.

By the way, we traveled to Rwanda with a company called Ecotours because this company gives back to the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, and for that matter, the country of Rwanda. As you might imagine (actually you can’t imagine until you are there) it is a trip of a lifetime, a downright spiritual experience.