Mr. Dog Show; Carole Baskin Big Cat Public Safety Act


with David Frei at the 2019 National Dog Show

If you happened to miss a newly expanded WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World, listen HERE as we fetch  Mr. Dog Show, David Fei, talking about the Windy City cluster of dog shows, including the third leg of the event today (Sunday, January 8) at the Schaumburg Renaissance Convention Center, Schaumburg, IL. It’s an open dog show Frei says, and he explains what that is. There’s also everything from a grooming competition to an agility demonstration.

Winston, the great French Bulldog, earned top honors for the National Dog Show Presented by Purina, back on Thanksgiving Day. What’s the secret to Winston winning so often? Frei (with John O’Hurley) has been broadcasting this show since 2002.

If you want to view the final judging of the National Dog Show, here it is

And I ask, “David Frei, what are your favorite dog breeds?”

Therapy Dogs

Frei discusses therapy dogs, and a recent symposium which he helped to organize. Several years back, he authored a book about therapy dogs called Angel on a Leash.

So, how long should dogs partake in therapy dog work per visit and in their career? More hours typically is not better, this should be all about the dog.

Big Cat Public Safety Act

This was an owned tiger walking in a residential area in Houston, TX

Carole Baskin, founder Big Cat Rescue, on the recently passed Big Cat Public Safety Act, which has now been signed by President Biden. Listen to Baskin on WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World, HERE

Baskin explains what this new law is all about, and how it supports protection for big cats as well as public safety. We don’t know the number for certain, but there are many thousands of lions, tigers, mountain lions, leopards and cheetahs living in captivity in unregulated roadside zoos or private homes, all not in proper conditions or allowing for proper care for the animals. There are only about 4,000 of various species of tigers in India, Sumatra and Siberia. There are about twice that many owned by roadside zoos and private homes in the U.S.

Baskin explains she was not portrayed as she really is on Tiger King on Netflix. She says in her life, she has never spoken to Joe Exotic (Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passag).

She thanked U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (who has talked about the Big Cat Public Safety Act on Steve Dale’s Other World on WGN) and Animal Wellness Action’s Wayne Pacelle.

Pro Pet Ice Melt PlaySafe

Mitch Vestal, president Advance Organics on a really pet friendly ice melt called PlaySAFE Ice Blocker. Vestal explains the technology behind the PlaySAFE Ice Blocker.


Why do cats sleep where they choose to sleep?