Murderous Monkeys on the Rampage


Is it the Planet of the Apes coming to life? According to the Daily Mail, after a dog in in Lavul village in India’s Maharashtra region killed a baby monkey, the monkeys have taken their revenge. Some media reports indicate the monkeys have killed upwards of 250 dogs by taking mostly puppies to tops of building or trees and dropping to their deaths.

Like us, monkeys are primates, and like us, capable of revenge – still that’s a lot of dogs killed. Have monkeys really been waging war on dogs? What’s more, now that all the local dogs are gone (at least those small enough not to be killed by monkeys), according to reports the monkeys have gone berserk and are now targeting young children.

This story seems so bizarre. For the truth, and images and video demonstrate that at least some monkeys killed some dogs, though 250 is likely a very high number. Truth is that many dogs in this region also died of starvation.

Two of the most aggressive monkeys have been captured and are under “arrest.” However, no word on if there will be a trial so demonstrate guilt, or who would represent the monkeys in court?