Mutt Jackson, Dog Washes at Montrose Dog Beach


Thousands of dogs at Montrose Beach (or MonDog) enjoy the free dog beach on any given sunny and pleasant weekend. This dog beach is located just north of the Montrose Beach for people.

Listen HERE as Paul Fehrenbacher, aka Mutt Jackson, and I discuss what’s coming next for MonDog on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio.

Me with Paul Fehrenbacher of Mutt Jackson and a friend.

Dogs go to the beach. They get sandy. As a result, so does your car, and your house. Until now. That’s because of the new dog washes set up at the beach, called Mutt Jackson.

Mutt Jackson is a dog’s best friend.

In a matter of days, Mutt Jackson is rolling out an app.

MonDog was once named the Best dog beach in America.