Mutt Jackson and Montrose Dog Beach


Paul Fehrenbacher aka Mutt Jackson says it’s just love….How dogs bring us together, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.

Listen HERE as we talk about Montrose Dog Beach (MonDog), one of the largest and busiest dog beaches in America, and proper beach etiquette for canines and for people. Montrose Dog Beach is largest place there is in Chicago, where a dog can run off-leash. I think there’s nothing so beautiful as watching a sighthoud, like a Greyhound run full out. Greyhounds can run just over 40 mph. Cheetahs can go up to 75 mph. The fastest people can run over 20 mph and under 30 mph. The average person, though, is more like 1o mph or slower, just as a point of comparison.

Paul Fehrenbacher in studio on WGN Radio

We talk a bit about how to introduce shy dogs or dogs new to social places. And we talk about proper dog and human etiquette at dog friendly areas.

  • Pay attention to your dog.
  • Dog Friendly Area tags are required (to demonstrate that the dogs are up to date on their vaccines).
  • No more than three dogs per person – you can’t possibly keep an eye of many dogs; after all we only have two eyes, says Paul.

I offer somewhat of an update on dog flu, and why vaccination for that is important if you dog goes to the beach or the park.

For more on Mutt Jackson and their special events like their Facebook Page.

Mutt Jackson is a state of the art dog wash, found at the entrance of Montrose Dog Beach.  Dogs coming of the beach, if nothing else, need a shower. There’s also a retail space, which offers all sorts of treats and products including Muttsicles. 

Special Mutt Jackson events on Thursdays include Doga (dog yoga), singles night (dogs are icebreakers), and Shorties Night for dogs under 30 lbs (and their people). All special events are dog friendly, of course.