National Link Coalition and Max Armstrong More Stories from Heartland


Listen HERE to Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio, as Phil Arkow is a co-founder of the National Link Coalition, the non-profit national resource center on the link between animal abuse and human violence. Animal abuse is a sentinel indicator that something is clearly wrong, so if animals are abused likely there’s additional violence in the home.  Arkow explains why people are reluctant to leave domestic violence situations if they have nowhere to shelter with pets. And when this happens, animals and/or humans may likely continue to be harmed.

People and Animal Well-Being and Safety (or PAWS Act), which Arkow explains, and how Purina, Purple Leash Project, Red Rover and others made this bipartisan legislation a reality. National Link Coalition has not only supported changing laws, but also supports studies which provide data needed to make the laws possible.

97 percent of people in a domestic violence situation say they feel “trapped” and can go nowhere if  there is nowhere to take their pets. With the inability to provide for pets at domestic shelters in Chicago, Anti Cruelty, PAWS Chicago and Chicago Animal Care & Control offer options for temporary housing, and even better a new program to find hotel rooms for survivors in pet-friendly hotels.

The National Link Coalition is a non-profit which requires support to operate.

Max Armstrong: More Stories from the Heartland

Legendary WGN Radio broadcaster Max Armstrong talks about his most recent book, More Stories from the Heartland as Told by One of America’s Favorite Farm Broadcasters on HERE to Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio. He calls this his “book of Thanksgiving,” and it includes many stories about his pets, including Toby a larger-than-life Jack Russell Terrier. And say he swears this dog used obscenities whenever he missed the ball. Max also discusses the dog Junior, who bonded with cows.

Armstrong also reminisces with his time as a business partner, Hall of Fame broadcaster, Orion Samuelson.

Is the divide still significant between how companion animals are treated in rural American on the farm compared to big city pets. Armstrong talks about the Fear Free initiative and difference welfare makes on farms, not only because it’s the right thing to do but it’s is best for farm economics and makes for improved for us.

Update on Feline Infectious Peritonitis

A new compounded medication is available to treat FIP.