National Pet Month: Support for Domestic Violence Victims


Dr. Kurt Venator

May is National Pet Month and Purina is celebrating by helping others, specifically victims of domestic violence, often being called the pandemic within the pandemic.

Dr. Kurt Venator, chief veterinary officer at Purina says that Purina is working to create more safe spaces for people and their pets who are victims of domestic violence. Many victims are hesitant to flee a home with domestic violence if there is nowhere to go with the entire family, including pets. There aren’t enough domestic violence shelters in the first place, and only 15 percent of these allow pets. And that very low number was even lower before Purina and non-profit partner Red Rover became involved.

Dr. Venator notes why this is SO important. For starters, 70 percent of domestic violence victims report the abuser has threatened, injured or killed the family pet.

Purina and Red Rover partnered a few years back to create the Purple Leash Project to support advocating for additional shelter space a domestic violence shelters to allow pets and to provide grants for additional shelters. Also, to enhance awareness that domestic violence includes all family members, even those with four legs or feathers.

Check out the specifically marked packaging at many pet retail stores – look for the purple. Learn more here, Celebrate pets by helping others with pets.