National Pet Week


There are more dogs and cats than children in America. At least so far, no politician has forced Americans to own a pet (though that wouldn’t be a bad idea).

So, despite the responsibility and the costs – millions choose to share their lives with one or more companion animals. And the bond they share with that companion animal is deep-seated. Mostly we’re talking dogs and cats, but people can certainly be bonded to various other species, from cockatiels to pet rats.Love-my-pet-rat

Literally, half of all dogs intimately share our bed. Of course, cats sleep anywhere they darn please, but often that’s our bed too.

We celebrate pets this week – National Pet Week, now through May 7. And this is the 35th Anniversary of National Pet Week.

Beth's Cats Steve Dale 018-export-1The American Veterinary Medical Association offers some fun resources:

Lots of wonderful pet owner resources – everything from find a low cost spay/neuter clinic to pet hospice info, info on pet insurance to seven foods never to feed pets to general vaccine information, etc.

Read here to celebrate this week, every day.

Also, kindergarten students through 12th graders are invited to participate in the AVMA Auxiliary’s annual National Pet Week® Poster and Creative Writing Contest! Poster and creative writing contests for National Pet Week 2017 are being conducted now. National winning poster and creative writing entry each receives $100.00.