National Therapy Animal Day


Today is National Therapy Animal Day….celebrating dogs (and cats, rabbits, horses and more) who open the lives of people at just the right time. Therapy animals are working animals, and their work helps to heal and on occasion even saves human lives. We’ve had several therapy dogs over the years, and currently our dog Hazel is employed for such work.

Pet Partners (a non-profit) is the national leader in demonstrating and promoting the health and wellness benefits of animal-assisted therapy, activities, and education. With more than 10,000 registered teams making more than three million visits annually. Pet Partners serves as the nation’s most diverse and respected nonprofit registering handlers of multiple species as volunteer teams. Pet Partners teams visit in a wide variety of settings and in various communities across the country and beyond with patients in recovery, people with intellectual disabilities, seniors living with Alzheimer’s, students to provide “more support,” in reading programs, veterans with PTSD, people who have experienced crisis events and who may be in hospitals or rehab centers, and those approaching end of life.

Pet Partners says: We are just a couple donations short of hitting our goal of getting 45 people to donate in honor of 45 years of Pet Partners. Celebrate the human-animal bond and National Therapy Animal Day with a donation. Will you help us reach our goal?

Now, is a critical time to raise awareness about the role therapy animals play in enhancing the health and well-being of humans. During the past two years, therapy animal teams have been pivotal in maintaining connections and supporting our communities. And just like everything else, there’s a shortage in most communities. If you’re interested in a therapy animal program, now is the time – your help is needed.

If you do have a therapy animal – today is that animal’s special day. Few animals drive to the therapy dog settings on their own or devote the time, certainly the humans are true heroes who do this.