Navigating Pet Insurance


I am very much a proponent of pet insurance. Pet Insurance Saves Lives! Really….consider this, a 11-year old dog diagnosed with cancer. Treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, etc) $3,000. The veterinarian says prognosis is very good. But prognosis may be irrelevant if the family just doesn’t have the money.

With pet insurance, the cost is shared (depending on the policy nearly half that cost or more than half). Now, the dog – which may have been euthanized only because a lack of funds undergoes treatment and lives for another 3 years cancer free.

Pet insurance encourages regular veterinary visits (because a partner is helping to pay) – that saves lives too since catching illness early may be lifesaving.

Pet insurance is very different than many of our insurance policies – the decisions are solely between you and your veterinary team. And reimbursement is made directly to you.

Still, one reason people don’t buy insurance is that it’s all very confusing….Comparing websites of various carriers is nearly impossible to decipher for what makes one more of a value than another.

There’s a new online source for pet insurance information.
You can compare: