NEVER Do These Things With Your Pets Around July 4


The Fourth of July is a scary time for many pets, especially this year since there are more fireworks than usual, even well ahead of the holiday. Here are three acts examples of doing far more harm than good and arguably downright animal cruelty, and should never occur:

  • NEVER tie up the dog outside on a tether, or even keep a dog in a yard around July Fourth without adult supervision. Fearful or terrified, a dog may get out (even if you think that is not possible). And tethered dogs may panic and even choke themselves desperately attempting to get away from the firework sounds. Also, all pets should be microchipped with accurate and up to date information with the microchip provider regarding your contact info – so if the pet is found, he or she can be returned.
  • NEVER holler or scream or punish the fearful or terrified dog or cat. This will only interfere with the human-animal bond and increase your pet’s anxiety. Think about it: Afraid of spiders? If you’re locked in a room with 100 creepy crawlies, and a friend hollers at you for being afraid, how does that help to diminish your fear?
  • NEVER use drugs without input from a veterinary professional. If your pet has previously been terrified by fireworks, it’s a sure bet nothing has changed. Consider steps you can take and speak with your veterinarian. Drugs which solely make pets sleepy, like Benadryl or acepromazine, for example, never touch the fear the pet is feeling. Now the pet is sleepy and terrified which is arguably inhumane. Also, there’s a question regarding acceptable dosage and safety, which is why veterinary input necessary. Please just don’t choose a pharmaceutical from your medicine cabinet, even if Dr. Google says it’s okay, Dr. Google is not YOUR veterinarian.

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