New Human-Animal Bond Certificaton


The human-animal bond feels good, but it’s also about science. And, now, that is being recognized.

Listen HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio show to Steve Feldman, executive director of the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), as he describes how HABRI, the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) have partnered to create the Human-Animal Bond Certification for veterinary practices. 

Science has shown that simply having a pet is good for our health. And, the overwhelming majority of pet parents consider their pet to be a member of the family. That bond is increasingly being honored, from veterinary professionals offering house-training tips for new puppies to helping families cope with pet loss.

HABRI is increasingly supporting and communicating the science behind the growing bond between us and our pets.

More than any other demographic, millennials expect veterinary professionals to recognize, respect, and honor the bond they have with their four-legged or feathered friends. But, of course, we all do.