Night Drop Off Boxes Close at Humane Society Elkhart County


Humane Society of Elkhart County (Indiana) are closing their overnight drop off boxes, according to a Chicago Tribune online news story.

Officials say they have found
mistreated animals in the shelter’s nine night deposit boxes, along
with family pets who were left after hours so their owners
avoid paying the $20 intake fee. Some animals were in the boxes were from outside
Elkhart County.
In fact, close to half the animals that come into this shelter do so from these night depository boxes.

As people drop mixed species or multiple animals in boxes, there may be fights. Also, the boxes became a breeding ground for diseases such as canine
parvovirus and feline leukemia.
Animals are sometimes dropped into the boxes that are in need of veterinary care, and must wait until the next day to receive it.

I wrote stories instrumental in getting similar boxes closed in Tennessee about a decade ago.

However some shelters swear by these boxes, even some excellent shelters. Boxes are set up in different ways depending on the shelters. Also those communities maintain if the boxes didn’t exist, animals would be left on the street to fend for themselves, and certainly going into a shelter is a better idea. Those who drop off animals are anonymous. And the boxes are open after hours, which may be more convenient.
The Elkhart shelter has extended their their hours. 

Others argue the boxes – allow it to be too easy to dump animals – actually encouraging irresponsible pet ownership. . . never mind the myriad of issues concerning disease control, animals in need of vet care, multiple animals dumped together, etc. 
Drop off boxes or no drop off boxes. I’m dubious about them personally…. What do you think?