No Bad Pets, It's Not a Matter of Being Bad


Is it true, there are no bad pets but only bad pet owners? While I understand that expression – I think it also does a disservice, and so does veterinary behaviorist Dr. Kelly Ballantyne.

DR. Kelly Ballantyne

DR. Kelly Ballantyne

For example, if your dog is afraid of a vacuum cleaner and other loud noises, it’s not the pet owners’ fault. Or if your 18-year old cat awakens overnight yowling, it’s not the pet owners’ fault.

Still, that mindset about ‘being a bad pet owner,’ Ballantyne says creates unnecessary guilt or even shame regarding their pet.

Ballantyne says her study revealed that people indeed do want information about behavior and don’t want their pets’ to suffer – after all (as other studies have concurred), pets are a part of the family.  So, when a pet does have a behavior issue, the entire family may suffer.