Not Sure This is Funny Jon Stewart, Birds vs. Cats


It’s a real problem which many people are very upset about, cats who are both free roaming and also owned that kill songbirds and other wildlife. There’s no doubt cats do prey on birds, though most experts agree that habitat destruction and pollution are far more significant factors. I think I can take a joke, and this segment is (sort of) funny, in my opinion – at least I am not offended – until the very end, when left to ‘work it out on their own’ the cat swallows the little chick.

Of course, it was a comedy bit – but still too bad there was no mention of trap, neuter, return which does work to decline feral cat numbers. And Alley Cat Allies is a leading voice in this place, as is Tree House Humane Society’s Feral Friends in Chicago.

Am I just missing my sense of humor?

The Daily Show – Sophie’s Choice – Cats Vs. Birds