Now is the Time to Worry Most About Lyme in Dogs; New Dental Care Product


Dr. Susan Little, professor of parasitology Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Stillwater talks ticks and fleas HERE on Steve Dale’s PetWorld, WGN Radio.

Dr. Little’s primary message is that just because the weather is beginning to cool, don’t stop the tick protection! In fact, fall is the most common time which dogs are susceptible to Lyme, heading into fall and through October, so this interview occurs at just the right time. And while there are an increasing number of tick diseases which can sicken dogs, Lyme disease is the most common. Dr. Little, a veterinary parasitologist, says Lyme is likely underdiagnosed in dogs and for sure underdiagnosed in humans, at least, 450,000 people a year.

The longhorn tick is one of several not native to America, and is now in 18 states and spreading. In general where there are ticks, there’s tick disease. Tick disease does sicken humans and typically dogs, and may or may not sicken cats, and potentially production animals like cattle.

Can ticks truly fly? Why are there more ticks in the U.S, today than ever, ever, ever before?

Dr. Little says she admires tapeworms. And says by preventing fleas (in dogs and cats), you can prevent tapeworm. And fleas are not inevitable by any means, even if you happen to spend time in Florida, Alabama or Georgia or any warm state.  Dr. Little says it is completely doable to prevent fleas. And she explains why preventing fleas does matter, beyond them merely being gross, they cause disease in our pets and also can cause problems in humans.

New Tool to Identify Periodontal Disease

Veterinary technician Kara Burns on Steve Dale’s PetWorld, WGN Radio says periodontal disease is very common among dogs and cats, and is always painful. She says she is very excited about a new diagnostic tool, a product called OraStripDX. Veterinarians in moments, just by running a test strip along the gum line. This is easy, and takes 10-seconds and is non-invasive and saves clients money too.

Was this a person or bear – and what the real problem is.