Nyuk Nyuk: A Conversation with Curley Howard’s Grandson


Bradley Server tells the crazy story HERE on Steve Dale’s Other World on WGN Radio of how he learned he was the grandson of his favorite comedian, Curley Howard of the The Three Stooges.

He explains that Curly’s life in many ways was tragic, as he wasn’t appreciated the studio or all that respected by other comics who considered the Stooges less than quality comedy. Curley repeatedly suffered from strokes and died so early, only 48 years old.

From an early age, he loved dogs and rescued perhaps hundreds.  If there was a stray, he always took the dog in.

Bradley unfortunately never had the chance to meet Curley (or any the Stooges), but miraculously inherited the iconic “Curly” voice. Listen.  He does now hang out with other Stooge grandchildren. What must those get togethers be like?

Bradley does offer a gossip tidbit about about the Stooge who play Curley Joe, named Joe DeRita.

Bradley has teamed up with a group of friends that all embody and honor The Three Stooges through YouTube skits Curly’s Grandson is the page, and where you can check him out on various social media platforms.

Here they are, live:

A Stooges favorite Disorder in the Court: