Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer Shoots A Dog


It’s a mistake, the dog gets out. But the owner already had separated his dog from the other dog, and while in the arms of the owner the off-duty Chicago police officer shoots the dog. This is more than merely disturbing. In my judgement, based on the video evidence, the dog died needlessly. Horrific! And this officer (note I am supporter of law enforcement) must be fired. And the police officer is also being sued in a civil case. The fact that the dog that was shot is called a pit bull (in actuality a mixed-breed) is totally irrelevant, except that if she shot the dog solely because she identified the dog as a pit bull, this makes her even more guilty if that is possible. Also, why was the police officer’s dog off-leash? Had her dog been on a leash (which is the law), this likely would also not have happened.